Bespoke Tile and Stone

Cement tiles

March 4th, 2014

Autumn is amazing, so is the new Pattern Play…

Our new Pattern Play tiles have arrived.  The colours are smart and moody.

Pre boxed mix of patterns and plains, muted plain pieces and bold segments of pattern.

The pattern is yours to assemble!  To have fun!  To create something personal that everyone else will love as well!

25926 Pattern Play Autumn Brick1

What will it be?   Brick Bond or staggered?

25926 Pattern Play Autumn Brick 2

Chevrons at right angles?

25926 Pattern Play Autumn Chevrons 2

Herringbone, don’t forget you can also add extra colour by bringing in some of the other square tiles available!

25926 Pattern Play Autumn Chevrons 1

See more of the fabulous encaustic cement tiles by clicking on any of the images.

Call into the showroom and we’ll be glad to help you play!

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