Bespoke Tile and Stone


March 23rd, 2014

Pure Luxury

Mother of Pearl shell is just the most beautiful lustre and it’s yours to choose..

Evocative of a time when buttons on silk shirts were pearl, when your suitcase for that overseas trip was made of leather, when luxury was natural materials crafted with panach!

Teamed with Subway Green Grey

Tahitian Black, mother of pearl shell is available in several sizes.  My favourite is the 25mm because it reveals the natural lustre and patina of the silvery background tipped (or is that lipped?) with the glorious indescribable tones of the Tahitian Black shell.

Tahitian Black pearl, teamed with Subway Green Grey.


And lets not forget those Buttons!!

6212 Mother of Pearl 15mm

Mother of Pearl Natural White 15mm, also 10mm and 25mm.

Three Sizes

If you can’t resist, pop into the showroom to run your hand over these amazing shell mosaics.


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